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Imparting Constitutional literacy in Indian Schools
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The idea of constitution connect is both unorthodox and a result of an out of the box thinking. It is a student run movement which aims at making India constitutionally literate. At this day and age it is of an utmost importance that citizens right from their school life are made aware of their rights and duties and this is precisely what Constitution Connect is trying to do. 

The work includes but is not limited to going to various schools and interacting with the administration about the level of constitutional familiarity that the students have in their respective schools. The reply that we receive helps us better understand the lacuna that is present in our educational system. The main aim of Constitution Connect is to fill this lacuna by imbibing the idea of rights and duties that are there in the Constitution with the help of courses specially curated for this purpose.  

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The experience that one gets from doing the ground work is something which is beyond words. One gets the first hand experience of how much constitutionally literate the schools of India are and what needs to be done to address this problem of Constitutional illiteracy. The interaction with the administration further boosts ones morale to do more in this field so that there is a positive change in the area of Constitutional literacy in India. This movement is a student run movement and we are involving more and more students to make India better by making it more constitutionally literate.